Braidlock Ltd is a UK based company, the head office is located in London and manufacturing is carried out in Kent. The Braidlock product portfolio focuses on providing clinicians with the latest in innovation and technology for medical catheter and tubing securement across a wide range of therapy areas.

Focused on our core values of Quality, Safety, Innovation and Service, Braidlock Ltd is working with healthcare professionals to deliver modern, cost effective and safe healthcare which also materially improves patient experience.  In doing so we are becoming a supplier of choice to healthcare organisations globally.


To revolutionise the process of medical line fixation and adjustment by the wide scale, global application of the Braidlock® device.  In an environment where currently over half of the 500 million lines utilised annually become inadvertently moved or dislodged, we are focused on enabling the Braidlock® device(s) to rapidly become the global standard for line securement and thereby contribute materially both to improved patient comfort and safety as well as to more cost effective healthcare provision in this area.

“Our Mission is to provide the global standard in line, drain and catheter securement.”


We are committed to bringing Braidlock® to a market hungry for a safer, faster and cheaper means than current for line securement.  Our intentions are to:

Ensure safety. Our research team is constantly reviewing best practice in medical device safety and ethics to ensure the Braidlock® remains safe and fit for purpose while offers other benefits such as reducing infection risk and increasing patient comfort. The Braidlock® has minimal skin contact and thus the area around a wound site can be cleaned much more easily.

Work with clinicians and all healthcare providers. Through a message of consensus, team building, global research and best practice we are introducing this revolutionary device and enabling over-burdened medical professionals to concentrate more time with their patients.

Support research and innovation. Braidlock® welcomes inquiries from teaching hospitals and other research bodies which seek to advance research in surgery, anaesthesiology, transplants, infection control and more. By telling us how we can improve our products we can make sure what we create works perfectly for you and your team. Please Contact us if you have any feedback or suggestions.


Since 2004, we have been developing and trialling novel products for chest drains, paediatric umbilical catheters, peripheral lines and more. As a result, the initial medical device has been improved over the years as part of an iterative process.


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